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Breathe ESG

Breathe ESG

Breathe ESG: Empowering Sustainable Decision-Making

In this era of environmental consciousness and socially responsible governance, organisations need robust tools to navigate the complex landscape of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors. Breathe ESG offers a comprehensive solution, providing an array of features designed to analyse, monitor, and customise your ESG efforts efficiently.


How Breathe ESG can help you

Breathe ESG can help you streamline ESG data management, enhance decision-making with real-time insights, and ensure compliance with reporting requirements, enabling your organisation to drive sustainability and responsible governance. Here’s more on the key features Breathe ESG has to offer:

Data Management and Customization

With Breathe ESG, you can seamlessly integrate data from various sources and customise your analysis. Define your own key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics, aligning them with your unique ESG goals. The platform offers audit trails and validation logs to ensure data accuracy and integrity.


Real-time Insights and Comparative Analytics

Keep a real-time pulse on your ESG performance through user-friendly dashboards and receive actionable insights. Conduct in-depth comparative analysis to identify trends and outliers, helping you make informed decisions that drive positive change.


Automated Reporting and Workflow

Automate approval workflows, generate reports across all ESG frameworks, and set up configurable reminders and notifications to ensure timely actions and compliance. This simplifies reporting processes and saves valuable time for your team.

Materiality Assessment and Supply Chain Evaluation

Prioritise material ESG factors with Breathe ESG's materiality assessment tools. Assess the ESG performance of your supply chain partners to mitigate risks and promote sustainability throughout your value chain.


Access Management and Multiple Business Units

Maintain data security with granular user access management. Breathe ESG enables you to accommodate ESG analysis and reporting for different business units, consolidating data for a comprehensive view of your organisation.

Qualitative Scorecards and Contextual Benchmarking

Enhance your analysis with qualitative scorecards to complement quantitative data. Compare your ESG performance against relevant benchmarks to gauge where you stand within your industry.

Satisfy Any Operating Requirement

Adapt Breathe ESG to your industry's specific operating requirements, ensuring compliance with ESG standards and regulations.

ESG factors are integral to business success and responsible governance, Breathe ESG stands as a powerful ally. It empowers organisations to make data-driven, sustainable decisions, streamline ESG management, and align their corporate strategies with ESG goals. With Breathe ESG, you're well-equipped to thrive in the era of sustainability.

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