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New Market.. New Challenges.. New Opportunities..

When you are investing in new market, the last thing, is to launch without a proper go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

Without proper planning and local knowledge, it’s difficult to know if you are targeting a market that's too saturated with similar solutions, or does the solution / product / service meets all local market requirements, or is there a need to tailor sales / pre-sales pitch — and you don't want to run the risk of wasting time and resources on launching an incomplete offering.

To avoid those potentially disastrous hitches and hangups, you need to craft a thoughtful, actionable, effective go-to-market plan with local hands-on experts.

We at Vistar first help you make an executable Go-to-Market Strategy that will yield faster ROI and also execute that plan for you.

Go-To-Market Plan

Every product and market presents different challenges and opportunities, so it’s important to map out your go-to-market strategy thoroughly for each.

Our Sales Strategy

Imagine if you can get your first sale and start generating revenue before you invest in office space, or start incurring licensing and regulatory costs.

Initial Sales in new markets are the most crucial part of business expansion to new market because it is a validation of expanding with right strategy and assurance that the product / solution / service fits the market.

Vistar does not leave you by doing only the Easy Part of Preparing Go-to-market Strategy, but you also have the option to execute the plan with Vistar.

With Vistar’s Sales-As-A-Service offering, we help you to

  • Generate Leads
  • Win New Sales
  • Existing Account Management
  • Provide knowledge on pre-sales and sales pitching to the customers
  • Create regional pricing
  • Develop and Execute Sales Plan

Lead Generation

Cold Calling is Dead. We have been hearing this now for quite a long time. However, We still don’t believe it.

Every market is different and it becomes imperative to make your marketing plan based on different market. We understand the local markets in the middle east and our marketing strategies are executed based on the local markets.

Vistar’s Marketing-As-A-Service provides following services through its local team based in UAE

  • Social Media Markeing
  • Cold Calling
  • Networking
  • Corporate Events
  • Roundtable workshops

(Office Space) Infrastructure-As-A-Service

We work hard to ensure you don’t start incurring office / infrastructure setup costs and many other costs until you really need to. We provide you various options based on your choice. We either provide you our sales team (sales-as-a-service) or you select a candidate and we take the local responsibility of his / her payroll and benefits.

Option 1

Option 2

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